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Tile Contractors in Noida

Tiles Contractors

Flooring – a surface of a room on which one stands, where you spent most of the time, where you kids play. Flooring regularly undergoes different stress like wear-n-tear, abrasion, furniture loads, aggressive chemical cleaning, etc. The choice of flooring material is also affected by different elements like cost, durability, comfort, and more.

  • Tiles Price ranges from Rs 50 to Rs 200 & above

  • The cost of tile varied with size

  • The cost of the tile also varies with brand and design

What is included in above Rate ?

  • All rates are with unit of “Per Square foot”

  • We have assumed Cost of Tiles. It will vary as per selection

  • Use River Sand. Creek (salty) sand will cost low but is inferior in quality

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1. Type of Flooring – Indian Marble Flooring

Marble has been used as flooring for many many years now. Makrana Marble-the White Marble was popularly used in ever house, office, everywhere. Makrana marble is the finest quality marble manufactured.

Marble is still a choice of flooring for rich, sophisticated Modern home owners. Once installed Home owners need not worry for coming 30-40 years. Re-Polishing and daily care is required can make you Marble appear new.

Cost of Flooring

2. Type of Flooring –Tiles

Indian Modern Home owners prefer popular India tiles brands. The leading brand that offers quality, design and style.

Leading Indian Brands – Johnson Tiles, Somani Ceramics, Bell Ceramics are among few preferred good quality tiles.

Non-branded Tiles – Tiles that come from Morbi, Gujarat are famous but are not really branded tiles. Morbi tiles mainly refers to its place of manufacture.

Cost of Vitrified Tiles in Metro Cities

The Cost of tile or that matter any flooring material varies with Size and Design. Vitrified Tiles are available in standard sizes i.e. 2’ by 2’. The cost for Branded one’s like Nitco Tiles, Somani Ceramics or Johnson Tiles will start form Rs. 60 per sq.ft, which can cost as high as Rs. 300 per sq.ft with variation in design, style and polish.

The cost of tiles may vary with location and brands.

Tip – If you require tiles for 4,000 sq ft shop flooring, get in touch with manufacturer directly or tiles companies. They can work out a better deal if you share the shop plan, design and other papers with them.

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3. Type of Flooring – Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is an artificial flooring type, also known as floating wood tile. Laminate flooring is used as a substitute to Hardwood or natural wooden flooring Contractor in Noida. Today laminate flooring is available in wide range wood design, colours, design and size.

Features of Laminate Flooring

  • Extremely Durable
  • Hygienic
  • Impact-resistance
  • Castor proof
  • Stain- Resistant, to even cigarette burns Flooring.

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