Bedroom Designs for Indian Homes

Take a look at the most popular Bedroom Interior Designs among our 2000+ satisfied customers.

A Sliding Wardrobe in a Bedroom Interior Design

High gloss laminate was used to design the bedroom’s interior, which features a combination of cool and neutral colours. To make the most of the limited amount of space available, this bedroom features a sliding wardrobe and multifunctional furniture.


  • Open shelves and push-to-open cabinetry above the bed provide ample storage space.
  • With open and closed storage, this TV Stand is a perfect match for your living room decor.
  • A bed with 4 drawers on both sides.
  • Sliding door wardrobe with mirrors.
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A Luxurious Wall Paneling Design Creates a Classy Bedroom.

This bedroom has a luxurious vibe to it. It is designed in a subdued colour palette that screams sophistication. The bedroom continues to be outfitted with modular furniture, which saves space and keeps the room clutter-free. A study and TV unit are combined to make this a multifunctional bedroom.


  • Decorative glass panels with fabric and metal inserts adorn one wall of the master bedroom.
  • This opulent accent wall design is adorned with a crystal chandelier and pendant lights.
  • When not in use, the bed folds down into a comfortable leather sofa.
  • Floating shelves and a sleek study cum TV unit complete the room’s look.
  • This room has a luxurious feel thanks to the abstract art and geometric pattern rug.
  • The look is completed with a false ceiling adorned with cove lights.
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A Simple Four-Door Wardrobe In A Neutral Color Scheme

The wooden laminate four-door wardrobe in this bedroom features multiple shelves for easy organisation and a modern, stylish appearance. It also features a wooden headboard with cushions and a stylish wall decoration for the bedroom.


  • The bedroom includes a study unit with a lift-up dressing table and a shelf on top that is built into the unit.
  • A modern 4 door wardrobe with several shelves.
  • The beige paisley wallpaper adds a vintage feel to the wooden bed.
  • Metal wall plates and pendant lights are used to decorate the room.
  • Each side of the bed has a wooden nightstand with a storage drawer.
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