Balcony Designs for Indian Homes

Take a look at the most popular Balcony Designs for Your Home among our 2000+ satisfied customers.

A Balcony Design Featuring A Brick Wall And Open Shelves

This balcony features a brick-clad wall and a variety of contemporary embellishments. The utility of a room can be improved by adding a cabinet beneath a pleasant seating arrangement. By day, the hollow brick wall provides just enough sunlight to keep this particular seating area comfortable.


  • This balcony design is given a rustic feel by the brick cladding on the walls.
  • Decor can be displayed on the open shelves on the brick wall.
  • Closed cabinets and open shelves beneath a comfortable seating area are ideal places to keep books.
  • Your balcony will get more natural light thanks to this hollow concrete wall.
  • The addition of greenery in the form of potted plants transforms this room into an extension of the outdoors.
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A Contemporary Balcony Design Featuring A Study Table And Hidden Storage

A wall-to-ceiling cabinet with diagonal book shelves, pull-out drawers, and some extra storage space at the bottom is included in this modern balcony’s design to help you keep your books and other documents organised. The addition of a minibar and a study unit to the cabinet makes this area more functional. In contrast, the wicker sofa and coffee table give the room a bohemian vibe.


  • To keep your books neat and orderly, a floor-to-ceiling cabinet with diagonal bookshelves is ideal.
  • The hanging wine glass rack keeps your goblets safe while also adding to your style statement.
  • This balcony’s boho vibe is enhanced by a wicker sofa and coffee table.
  • The attached study/bar setup improves the space’s functionality.
  • A tall chair with wooden legs adds to the party atmosphere.
  • There is a lot of room to display knick-knacks and decor items thanks to the combination of open and closed shelves.
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