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Interior Design for a 3BHK Flat that is Bright and Fun

A well-designed 3BHK home with a mix of different interior styles and bright colours to match the tastes of the people who live there. In this one-of-a-kind home, you’ll see a wide range of finishes, from laminates to lacquered glass and duco, that have been used to make it look like no other.


  • A crockery cabinet that adds value to the dining area is finished off with a mirror that is a little more decorative than the rest.
  • Sliding wardrobes in the master and guest bedrooms are made of lacquered glass.
  • The walls are given special attention with wallpaper, wall panels, and wall paint to give each room its own personality.
  • Paint on the walls of the living room in a unique, abstract pattern.
  • For each room, a false ceiling has been used to add more character and soft cove lights.
  • The red and white duco paint used in this kitchen, together with a checkered backsplash and patterned floor tiles, creates a vivid effect.
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