How to Get Your Beautiful Home Interior Done Without Stepping Out During Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has been tough on everyone, more so this year. The lockdowns and safety concerns have prevented many from getting their homes designed. Luckily, interior designers can work remotely, and most aspects of the design process have become virtual with the help of technology. But, given that it is a tactile process, is house designing online effective? Very much so! We designed over 1,243 homes during the lockdown and handed over post lockdown last year!

We chatted with Poja Goel and Payal Sharma, who comprise the leadership of the Classic Infrahomes design team to help understand how this works.

#1. Where to Start Your Beautiful Home Interior?

How to Get Your Beautiful Home Interior Done Without Stepping Out During Lockdown

Fill out a simple form to hire a designer

To book a Classic Infrahomes designer, all you have to do is fill this form. Once you’re done, we’ll assign an interior designer to you based on your requirement and location.

#2. What is the process to Hire an Interior Designer?

A variety of online tools to help with designing from Canvas to Meet

Pre & post-Covid process: Previously, there were many points of physical interaction between the customer and designer. Now, all the meetings happen virtually, except for the site visit for measurement and installation.

Speak to the designer: After booking a free consultation, the designer will give you a call to understand your requirements and the floor plan.

Design, finalize concept & review: They will follow it up with multiple video calls for presenting and discussing the concept, reviewing, pricing, etc.

Material selection: Payal says that this is the hard part of the process. So, what they do is share a comprehensive PDF on the material and colours which clients can peruse at their convenience. If you want to touch and feel the material, the swatch kits can reach your home (depending on the feasibility), or you have to visit one of Classic Infrahomes Experience Centres (ECs).(Note: ECs are not an option during lockdowns.)

Once you give the go-ahead on the plan and sample materials, the production work starts, taking all the necessary precautions. When everything is ready, your designer will share a comprehensive project plan on the execution and logistics of the on-site process. The civil work and installation will take place, following all safety precautions only when the lockdown ends. With this, your house designing online process can be expedited.

#3. How is Classic Infrahomes functioning when all ECs are shut?

You can visit an Experience Centre in your location

Our ECs were an integral part of the design process before the lockdown. Under normal circumstances, you would be invited to an experience center in your city to experience the interiors and learn how they operate. If ECs are shut due to lockdowns or you prefer not to go, our designers can take you on a virtual tour or present 2D or 3D designs to help you understand the plan well. You can browse through our online catalog for designs too!

#4. Is home designing online effective?

Working remotely has saved a lot of travelling time

Payal and Poja unanimously agree that house designing online has been effective and no compromises have been made on the quality. Since last year’s lockdown, Classic Infrahomes has delivered over 1,243 homes, proving the effectiveness of house designing online.

“Clients like the process more now as it is convenient. The calls are scheduled at their convenient time, and the traveling time is saved by meeting up virtually.”Pallavi Goel, Studio Head, Mumbai

#5. Will my home interiors be completed on time?

Regular projects are delivered sooner

Usually, we complete interiors such as Modular kitchen, wardrobe, and storage in 35 days. We meet this diligently for small or regular projects with little customization even with remote working. Goel says that these projects are delivered sooner as no time is wasted traveling.

We’ll need more time only when externalities like lockdowns, building permissions, etc., are involved.

#6. How do I prepare to get my home designed remotely?

Clients use Pinterest to communicate ideas

You do not require any technical knowledge about design. Our designers will help you understand every tiny detail. But some things that you need to keep in mind are:

  • Expect delay: The unpredictability of the current situation can cause a delay in some stages like installation. As mentioned before, this can happen only when external factors are affecting the process.
  • Be clear: Know what you want beforehand (in terms of furniture, use, budget, etc) and make clear decisions on the aspects such as functionality, materials, and look. Try to not make a lot of changes to the finalized plan as it could be time-consuming.
  • Communicate: It would help the designers if you are frank about your taste and sensibilities, as it is hard to gauge what you feel when house designing online.

“We used to go to their space and understand their lifestyle to develop a concept that works for them. But it is not happening anymore given the situation. It will help if the customers are more vocal about these aspects.”Neha SharmaDesign Head, Classic Infrahomes

Many enthusiastic homeowners use Pinterest and Instagram for design inspiration and share them with our designers, which can be helpful. You can also give the designer a virtual tour of your current home to give an idea of what you want to keep and what you want to change.

  • Give time: Also ensure that you invest time in the discussions. The more aware you are of structural and aesthetic requirements, the faster and smoother the project can go.

#7. What are the latest trends in home interiors to help you prepare?

Many are opting for biophilic designs

Our designers also spilled some details on the designs trending since 2020. As the time we spend indoors has increased, the top spaces that clients want have been:

  • A dedicated study room/space
  • Storage-intensive kitchen
  • A nice outdoor space
  • Multifunctional spaces for recreational activities like reading & exercising
  • An ‘Instagram-marble’ corner for online sessions

And the most sought-after design is biophilic designs, i.e. introducing natural elements to your homes.

“People are really open and want to have a space for themselves now. They are thinking more about interiors as it has become a necessity.”Payal GoelStudio Head, Classic Infrahomes, Gurgaon

Interiors indeed have become a necessity. Therefore, whether the design process is traditional or remote, Classic Infrahomes aims to deliver excellence. So don’t think twice about house designing online. You’ve got the best minds at work to design your home.

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