Experience the epitome of modern living at CGEWHO Kendriya Vihar, Greater Noida. Our recent project showcases a stunning transformation with exquisite false ceiling designs, sleek modular kitchen and wardrobe installations, stylish TV units, and impeccable tile work. Discover the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, elevating your 3BHK apartment to new heights of luxury.

4BHK, CGEWHO Kendriya Vihar, Greater Noida

Mr. Virendra Kumar


When Virendra Kumar expressed their dream and vision to us, Classic Infrahomes recognized their desire for sophisticated and luxurious modern contemporary interiors. Our expert home interior designers in Greater Noida utilized their skills and creative expertise to create a flawless design that perfectly matched their preferences.

The entrance boasts a stylish shoe unit with rafted design and a captivating gold-tinted wall mirror. In the living room, we artfully blended white and wooden textures, creating a harmonious ambiance. A stunning wall panel is expertly mounted for the TV unit, accompanied by generous storage space to meet all your needs.

We enhanced functionality by designing an Parallel-shaped kitchen in this space. Our talented interior designers in Greater Noida created a master bedroom with a versatile setup featuring a TV unit and a sleek glass wardrobe. For the kids’ bedroom, we incorporated swing shutter wardrobes with a stylish gray texture. In the guest bedroom, we utilized the space effectively and added a vibrant touch with a beautiful blue shade.


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